Prophet Uebert Angel And The Spirit Embassy

Prophet Uebert Angel Help And Information

In the world today everyone needs hope and prayer and even a miracle dashed around and that is what Prophet Uebert Angel specializes in. Prophet Uebert Angel is a great man of God and is president of the Spirit Embassy with Jesus Christ being the founder of this ministry. Prophet Uebert Angel is known for healing, accurate prophecies, signs, wonders, as well as miracles. When he speaks of God you know that he is strongly for God and God’s commands and would never falter from God. With his grace from God he has helped many people throughout their times of struggles and needs.

The Prophet Uebert Angel Himself

History of Prophet Uebert Angel

Prophet Uebert Angel was born on September 6th 1978. It is said that the Prophet’s upbringing and journey were supernatural and was proof that God has shown upon him to do the works of God and to help spread the message of God. The prophet in true calling to the word of God started up the Spirit Embassy in March of 2007. Angel has now been the friend and mentor to many people including government officials from many different countries, widows, the poor, multimillionaires, the hardworking, children and anyone that needs a friend and a mentor. His goal in life is to make sure that everyone knows the word and the miracle of God. In addition to helping run Spirit Embassy and spreading the word of God, Prophet Uebert Angel is married and has four children.


Where to Listen to The Prophet Uebert Angel

If you are interested in hearing Prophet Uebert Angel and the word of God you should stop by the website for Spirit Embassy. There you will find a mountain of information as well as inspirational stories. You will also find that some of the miracles that have been performed are listed there as well as where you can listen to Prophet Uebert Angel in person. There are also links to a prayers as well as a link to the store that benefits the children of God. On the website you can also find out if there is a Spirit Embassy near your location and what their hours of operation are. If you are interested in going to one of the sermons you can find out the time and date and make sure that you are there for one of the uplifting services. If you want to watch Prophet Uebert Angel online you can go to Miracle TV where you can find many of the sermons that the Prophet has given.